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119 S. Barron Street ▪ Eaton, Ohio 45320
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Preble County Government
Shawnda Combs,
Economic Development Director
(937) 456-2757

Waterfront homes and activities
nestled in the heart of Southwest
Ohio - Preble County.
Lake Lakengren



Preble County Livability!

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■ U.S. $196,900
Preble County, OH $101,900
■ Dayton, OH  $101,600
■ Cincinnati OH-KY-IN  $128,700
The cost of home ownership in Preble County Region is one of the lowest of any major metropolitan suburban area in the country for all income levels. 

The median existing home selling price for Preble County is $101,900 more than 48% below the national median home selling price while the Dayton area is $101,600 (48% BNA) and the Cincinnati area is $128,700 (35% BNA).  The Preble County region has affordable homes at all income levels.  That compares to median home prices in other metropolitan areas as listed below.

San Francisco, CA 


  Philadelphia, PA  $214,300
San Diego, CA   $476,800   Raleigh, NC  $199,800
Los Angeles, CA   $423,100   Minneapolis, MN  $197,100
New York, NY  $386,300   Phoenix, AZ  $192,700
Boston, MA  $371,300   Milwaukee, WI  $191,300
Washington, DC  $368,000   Chicago, IL  $187,100
Seattle, WA  $344,400   Las Vegas, NV  $185,300
Denver, CO  $279,300   Charlotte, NC-SC  $172,500
Portland, OR  $267,500   Nashville, TN  $172,000
Riverside, CA  $263,600   Orlando, FL  $165,800
Miami, FL  $254,900   Birmingham, AL  $161,700
Charleston, SC  $224,500   Kansas City, MO  $154,200
Austin, TX  $220,600   Tampa, FL  $142,400



Source: End 2nd Qtr. 2013 Natio11nal Association of Realtors Median Selling Price of Existing Homes



Preble County offers excellent educational opportunities, safe communities, and neighborhoods.  Preble County's public school expenditures per student is $9,346, the student to teacher ratio is 15.95, and the graduation rate 91.7%.
 2010 Education Attainment


Eaton Community Schools

Preble Shawnee Community Schools

Twin Valley Community Schools

Tri-County North Community Schools

National Trail Community Schools


College Corner Community Schools


Miami Valley Career Technology Center



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